Rhinestone Ponytail

  • Balera Flexible Rhinestone Hair Tie


    https://d1lzey583zqve.cloudfront.net/images/siteimages/stars/45-star.png out of 5 stars

    * Multiple, flexible, bowed rows of crystal rhinestones * Attached to a black ponytail elastic * Customized fit for girls with thick or thin hair * Imported

  • Balera Rhinestone Ponytail Cuff


    https://d1lzey583zqve.cloudfront.net/images/siteimages/stars/40-star.png out of 5 stars

    * Ponytail cuff studded with rhinestones * Attached ponytail elastic * Imported

  • Balera Gold & Rhinestone Hair Elastic


    https://d1lzey583zqve.cloudfront.net/images/siteimages/stars/0-star.png out of 5 stars

    * Black ponytail holder with rhinestones set in gold metal * Imported

  • Balera Rhinestone Ponytail Holder


    https://d1lzey583zqve.cloudfront.net/images/siteimages/stars/50-star.png out of 5 stars

    * Cluster of rhinestones attached to a black ponytail elastic * Imported

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