• Bloch Performa Ballet Shoe


    $17.77 out of 5 stars

    * Lightweight stretch canvas shoe in womens sizes* Split sole adheres to the arch* Shock absorbing heel cushion * Pre-sewn crisscross elastic* Imported Suggested Fitting : Child: Start with street shoe to 1/2 size up. Adult: Start two sizes down from street shoe.

  • Bloch Pro Elastic Ballet


    $22.95 out of 5 stars

    * Canvas upper and split suede sole * Elastic band evenly distributes tension and reduces pressure on the Achilles tendon * Triangle stretch canvas arch insert hugs the foot when pointing * Forefoot outsole pad protects the metatarsals * No ridges for comfort and prevention of bruising * Pre-sewn…

  • Bloch Pump Canvas Ballet Shoe


    $20.32 - $22.02 out of 5 stars

    * Thick, square canvas upper that molds to the foot * Split sole with teardrop suede pads at toe and heel to enhance arch flexibility and prevent bunching * Heel seam cushion provides a smooth footline * Elastic straps pre-sewn at the heel * Imported Sizes : 12-1.5 Child; 2-8.5 Adult, B, C, D (US…

  • Bloch Dansoft Ballet Shoe


    $16.15 - $16.58 out of 5 stars

    * Constructed of lightweight, quality leather * Full suede sole * Breathable cotton lining for comfort * Pre-sewn elastic strap * Imported Sizes : 6-13.5 Child; 1-8.5 Adult, A, B, C, D (US Sizes) Suggested Fitting : A (Narrow), B (Medium/Narrow), C (Medium), D (Wide). Child: Start with 1/2 size…

  • Bloch Prolite II Ballet Shoe


    $30.60 out of 5 stars

    * Constructed of luxurious, quality leather * Split suede sole * Soft and flexible canvas arch inset to support the foot and prevent stretching * Breathable cotton lining and suede leather sock liner for comfort * Thin cotton drawstring for a secure fit and pre-sewn crisscross elastic straps *…

  • Bloch Aspiration Pointe Shoe


    $80.04 out of 5 stars

    * Deep and wide platform for balance, stability and lateral support* Three-quarter shank emphasizes the arch when en point* Flat last for even weight distribution* Size: 1-9 Adult* Width: B = NM, C = M, D = W* Shank: Medium* Imported Sizes : 1-9 Adult (US Sizes); Width: B = NM, C = M, D = W; Shank:…

  • Bloch Serenade Pointe Shoe


    $80.04 out of 5 stars

    * Oblong platform provides lateral support* Medium-hard shank supports the metatarsal and assists in holding the foot back in the shoe* Size: 1-7 Adult* Width: B = NM, C = M, D = W* Shank: Medium, Hard* Imported Sizes : 1-7 Adult (US Sizes); Width: B = NM, C = M, D = W; Shank: Medium, Hard…

  • Bloch Sonata Pointe Shoe


    $80.04 out of 5 stars

    * High and wide platform for lateral support and balanced distribution of weight* Three-quarter shank emphasizes the arch when en pointe* Unsecured insole at heel allows heel to arch away from instep* Elastic and ribbons not included* Size: 1-7 Adult* Width: B = NM, C = M, D = W, E = WW* Shank:…

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